My name is Spider Jerusalem and this if my feed site. It's basically the only place you'll find The Truth. You won't find it on TV or youtube or the movies. The new scum can't be bothered with names as complex as that holy city out east, so they just call me Spider Jerry.

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Just came back from the mountain and I already remember why I hate this place. It's hot enough that water by the gallon will still leave you withered. The casinos are filled with the elderly and family watching over them. The bright lights make the games look enticing, but put on some blinders to block that out and you'll see how the Truth. The slot players are tired and worn. The staff has had just as many miles in far fewer years. You'll tell yourself you're better, smarter. You'll ignore them and walk away because really, you don't care.

I met foglet today at the behest of my friend Tico. It's the first cloud to reach sentience without a downloading. Downloadings used to be a big affair, but as Tico said when my assistant's boyfriend ex-boyfriend was downloaded, it's all become a bit routine. The extraordinary has become mundane. The foglet community has been celebrating it the last week. Confetti and fireworks materialized out of thin air. City blocks flooded with the omnipresent noise of revelry with no source.

I knew Deepred, as it has named itself, was trouble when it floated in. It appears to have largely taken it's experiences from a medieval reservation volunteer and has all the class you would expect. The other, happier clouds are no doubt endeavouring to bring it back up to speed.


I'm bored. I'm tired of knocking the heads of the ignorant on the streets. The ones that read my column (skim, really) and think they have true KNOWLEDGE of how it IS. I'm going to go find some better quarry. Ones that understand the tech that makes THE WORLD go around. They're a better challenge to destroy and have access to the best drugs. That's right. The place where it's AT. I'm coming for those assholes at DEFCON.

You fuckers will probably need some way to know me from Adam.
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